Who is the best SAP managed service providers (MSPs) in the US market?

When it comes to the right SAP consultant for your business is the type that can help preserve the vitality of your brand now and in the future. Probably the best SAP service provider for retailers and other scale businesses, McKinsol is obsessed with giving their clients such seamless services as the best SAP solution provider.

Being a silver partner of SAP, McKinsol has a ready-made system that would set the business
ball rolling in your direction.
What is SAP?
It is internationally recognized as a standard in professional education. Before you make any
stride at being a worldwide expert, you first need to measure your needs for it. SAP
education is delivered across the world by approved and trusted partners of SAP.
McKinsol is proud of being one of few such system integrators who have acquired knowledge,
gained experience and maintains the newest version of software in-house for quick prototype
ping or delivering accelerators.
Doing the right estimations of time and cost for the scope from the beginning and managing high
quality of work during the SAP S/4 HANA or S/4 Fashion implementation requires extensive
SAP Program implementation experience with a deep product as well as industry knowledge.
As experts with SAP programs and SAP S/4 HANA implementation in Retail, Fashion, and
CPG, we have designed our own methodology called “iRACE”. The term represents Innovative
Retail Activation and Enablement for SAP.
An SAP Customer Activity Repository is a foundation that collects transaction data that was
previously spread over multiple independent applications in diverse formats. The repository
provides a common foundation and a harmonized multi-channel transaction data model for
all-consuming applications.
Retailers can use SAP Customer Activity Repository to gradually transform their system
landscapes from a traditional database technology to the revolutionary, in-memory database
SAP Customer Activity Repository includes the following features:
  • POS Data Transfer and Audit (POS Data Management).
  • Multichannel Sales Repository (MCSR).
  • Multichannel Sales Analytics.
  • Inventory Visibility Analytics.
  • Predictive capabilities, leveraging the Demand Data Foundation (DDF) and
  • Unified Demand Forecast (UDF).
  • Testing Management Services
McKinsol establishes a Testing Management Center (TMC) to effectively plan, manage, and
report on all testing activities to ensure that schedule, service level, and quality
commitments are met.
EIM is an integrated approach to manage all corporate information assets including content,
data, records, and knowledge in all formats, from all sources and in every location.
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