Adopting Artificial Intelligence For Visual Detection In E-commerce


As the world population keeps increasing, technology is gaining traction, and most people now have access to the internet. With smartphones, it is easier for people to keep track of what is happening globally. The era of mortar and brick shops is gradually fading out as consumers now prefer online shopping. Expectations and demands of shoppers on e-commerce platforms keep changing. Hence, the need for e-commerce companies to leverage Artificial Intelligence for customers’ satisfaction and business growth. Some shoppers are always in haste and don’t know what they want on e-commerce platforms. Retail online businesses need to look beyond the use of keyword search and matching visual detection. The visual detection makes it possible for shoppers to search for an item using an image, rather than an alphanumeric search. Afterward, an image detection system relates the input data with database items and picks the closest products.

The essence of a visual detection system on e-commerce platforms is to commercialize images in online retail companies’ databases. With this technology, shoppers can shop from an array of available pictures on a retail and fashion website. Also, if a consumer sees a cute outfit somewhere that excites him or her, the consumer could take a picture of the outfit with a smartphone, and shop for it on an e-commerce platform. The consumer shop for the same or similar image item on an e-commerce platform using Artificial Intelligence technology and visual detection. Adoption of this technology by retail and e-commerce companies will make products shopping easier and faster for consumers. The AI system enables shoppers who already have an image of what to shop to get the product within a twinkle of an eye, instead of wasting time scrolling through the entire inventory items or using keyword search.


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