Detecting Flaws In Fabrics Through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technology is helping the fashion industry detect flaws in clothing materials. Production of quality and flawless fabrics require considerable efforts and suitable materials. However, employees working in textile industries are limited in delivering defect-free fabrics under tight schedules. Hence, the need to integrate the system with an AI-based machine to improve employees’ efficiency, meet customers’ expectations, and fast-track growth in the retail and fashion industry.

Manufacturers of textile materials depend on the human capacity to analyse and detect flaws in clothing materials during and after production. Detecting defects in fabrics using human visual analysis or manual approach is not reliable, and appropriate checks may be overlooked.

For the retail and fashion industry to remain relevant in a fast-paced marketplace, there is a need to look beyond old-fashioned ways of checking for flaws in clothing materials. Manufacturers of fabrics should embrace Artificial Intelligence technology for quality fabric production, and automatic detection of deficiencies in clothing outfits. The AI machine helps production managers and engineers to produce quality fabric and reduces wastage in production. A series of functions are carried out by the AI-based automated machine - detection of appropriate color combination, texture quality, analysis of fabric flaws, among others.

The Artificial Intelligence machine leverages Neural Networks for the identification of defects in fabrics. An image acquisition machine produces the pictures to be examined and stored using an appropriate image format. Afterward, there is the extraction of features from the input image, testing, and creation of new features. The adoption of vision-related inspection reduces errors associated with human visual inspection and increases revenue for the retail and fashion industry.

The AI-based system is gradually being utilized in retail and fashion, and forward-thinking businesses should embrace the technology to stay ahead of the competition. The AI technology will streamline fabric production and help the retail and fashion industry concentrates on other essential tasks for increase in revenue.


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